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About Us

As hunters ourselves, our mission has always been to shake up the industry and get away from those
cliché stereotypes about products, including the way we buy and why we buy. In that spirit, we set out 
to create high quality, innovative products all hunters can afford. The people involved in every aspect of 
Midwest Orion, from the president to the everyday hunters carrying our products into the woods, are 
friends and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

While our products were originally designed by and for Buffalo County, Wisconsin hunters, we quickly 
found they fit the lifestyles of hunters throughout our nation and beyond. Not only do we believe in 
the quality and craftsmanship of our Wisconsin made products we believe in the hunters who use 
them. Sure, we could use those paid endorsements from celebrity hunters, but why? We believe in the 
blue collared blood brothers we call our hunting family, the average Joe hunter; we appreciate those 
endorsements more than any other!

We stand by our craftsmanship 100% and work hard to answer your questions, resolve any problems 
and ship your products at breakneck speeds. We care about you and your experience. We even care 
about others in our communities who don’t necessarily hunt. 10% of Midwest Orion’s profits are 
donated directly to charity. 

Email us directly:  marc@midwestorion.com

We believe there are more ways to hunt than you can shake a stick at and we do our best to have fun in 
as many of them as we can. Like you, we just want to hunt.