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A Great Gift Idea For Bow Hunters - Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The backpackable bow case is at an all time low special sale gift price just in time for Christmas. Looking for gifts for the bow hunter, deer hunting person that is tough to shop for? The backpackable bow case makes a great gift idea for any bow hunter.

Buy yours at: https://www.midwestorion.com/products/3-in-1-backpackable-bow-case

Many bow hunters use a rope to hoist their bows up to the tree stand. The backpackable bow case is worn like a backpack and makes carrying a bow and accessories much easier than hoisting them up. When in the stand, the bow case straps reverse to attach directly to the tree. This allows hunters to be able to access their gear easily from the stand. Walk through the woods with ease without having to carry handfuls of gear. 

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